Noble Media Management handles entertainment management and public relations for A List Celebrities, Musicians, Actors and Athletes.

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Services for Corporations

We are a legitimate and effective multi-media company in fact and in practice. The description multimedia is commonly used in today's marketing arena but is not often truly and effectively practiced. We have key contacts in a multitude of industries and have key relationships with every area of media. Our ability to use a variety of media resources as a cohesive whole is unparalleled.

  • We guided a Rock legend to slate the largest commercial rock station in NYC after a 15-year refusal.
  • Noble Media Management developed a unique marketing strategy for one of the world's most famous designers, pushing the brand to the forefront among other top fashion brands in the most competitive atmosphere.
  • Noble Media Management supports TV production companies and networks. We package successful shows and increase ratings and sponsorship opportunities.
  • We seek out and create new uses for catalogues of major publishing and record companies and generate new streams of revenue for them.
  • Noble Media Management helps radio stations use on air talent and programming to create more effective publicity and marketing techniques in order to gain more advertising dollars.
  • Our music supervision department is unique and precedent setting. (See Noble Music.)
  • We have potent, relevant music for ad agencies, film companies and TV productions for less expensive sync fees.
  • We work with successful charities to continue developing new marketing strategies, event planning and increased awareness.
  • We bring indie films into mainstream media and procure distribution.
  • Noble Media Management consistently produces award-winning music for advertising, film and television, which has launched memorable ad campaigns. Our music division, (Noble Music,) staffs a team of renowned record producers, radio personalities, major label record company A&R executives and composers that work together to compile the highest quality music supervision available.
  • Noble Media Management prides itself in developing talent from the ground up. We are manager's managers and publicist's publicists. We save you time, money and immeasurable work. Our track record for success in raising talent to higher levels in their industries is unparalleled. Our devotion to development is passionate.
  • We run successful PR and advertising campaigns for DVD releases.
  • We put together a small independent private school with a motion picture company and helped promote a film while simultaneously raising money for the school.
  • We will learn, understand and follow your company's policies, strategies and your mission.

Noble Media Management will bring results.

Noble Media implements new strategies, and maximizes awareness. We build confidence that attracts business and inspires growth.

We are a full-service multi media company. We offer our corporate clients one-stop-shopping for a wide array of marketing, management and publicity related services. We work with our corporate clients' advertising agencies and media buyers to provide an integrated marketing approach.

Our publicity process is collaborative. Your message will be strategically crafted and carefully written. We take the time to understand your way of thinking and your approach to business. We proactively anticipate trends and issues in your industry that might affect our campaign.

Noble Media has a large variety of potent key contacts and a record of success. We pride ourselves in trouble shooting, problem solving and on being publicists' publicists. We often handle media relations for other agencies and routinely forge new relationships with print, broadcast and digital writers, editors, producers, sponsors, program directors, networks and talent. You are buying expertise, access to key media contacts, professional judgment, enthusiasm, reliability, a keen understanding of our client's needs and intense passion for our client's mission.

Noble Media knows whom to approach, what to say and how to say it. We are unparalleled at the concept of timing an attack, making the difference between other companies and ours. We know the rhythm of a news cycle and how to time a trend. We contact the major print, broadcast and digital outlets based on an assessment of the current news agenda, the urgency of our message and the likelihood of coverage. Our team develops angles for each media outlet we approach.

Noble Media listens. We take time getting to know our clients in depth in order gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths, areas that require more attention, your past and your vision of your future. We help shape that vision and forge the most effective and expedient path toward it.

Noble Media develops marketing strategies for your company that are new and innovative and completely individualized. Every product and organization is different. Your competent staff may be too busy and too close to your product to conceive, develop and or implement certain necessary strategies. Outsourcing with Noble Media provides the essential objective exploration of your company's inner workings with objectivity and confidentiality.

Creating attention-getting events is often part of a successful public relations campaign. Our events have changed opinions, introduced new ideas and new products, demonstrated features and benefits, showcased celebrities, raised needed funds and attracted significant press attention and comment.

Noble Media produces charity balls and opening night galas, fundraisers, fashion shows, product introductions, intimate dinners, board meetings and investor events for clients in a broad range of industries. We create news worthy rock concerts at prestigious music venues, and celebrations for NYC Fashion night out and innovative book release parties.

Our campaigns and strategies have inspired precedent setting changes in the ways businesses increase their revenue.

Music Supervision

Noble Music is a division of Noble Media. It provides stellar production; composition, song placement and music consultation maintained and implemented by a team of the most prolific and knowledgeable music aficionados in the industry today. Go to our home page and click on Noble Music. We have one of the most unique music supervision teams in the business.

Additional Services

Conference Management, Corporate Gifts, Event Planning, Graphic Design, Image Consulting, Media Tours, Media Training, Online Marketing and Internet Business Strategy, Speech Writing, Interview Instruction, Website Design and Maintenance.

Services for Talent, Artists, and Athletes

Are you a star waiting to be discovered? Do you know you'd be a star if only some one would just give you a break? Let us help you make certain people know you're out there. Are you a successful or talented entertainer, athlete, writer, director or producer who can't find time to be creative? Are you overwhelmed with business and administration? Are you so busy representing yourself that you are no longer being creative or as effective within your discipline or at your craft? YOU NEED HELP!

A great product, talent or skill can only take you so far, if anywhere at all if no one knows you or it exists. You may have reached some people, been given some great opportunity or light, only to find the momentum hasn't really grown. If your good, if you have something to show, or something to say, you should be able to reach the level of success your looking for. Noble Media is available for consultation. We will assess your talent, listen carefully to where you've been and where you are and give you a strait forward answer if we believe you have room to grow. If you do than we'll make certain the right people know. If there's more to be gained and higher levels to be reached, we'll give you a plan of action and help reach the right people in every medium. That's why our PR strategies are called multi-media.

If your already on the radar, dealing with agents, accountants, lawyers, film/television/record companies, publishers, athletic organizations, and sponsors can be overwhelming no matter what industry you are in or what level of your industry you have reached. There are unions, agents, lawyers, business managers, backers and sponsors to coordinate. Making the right choices is paramount to your longevity.

  • Where is your money?
  • Is the media misrepresenting you or are your fans misunderstanding you?
  • Are you a priority?
  • What does you contract really say?
  • Is your agent doing enough?
  • Do you have a lawyer?
  • Do you have a publicist?
  • Are you paying for a team that does not show results?
  • Are you a record producer who is not working on the projects that are inspiring?
  • Are you a record producer/composer without proper exposure?
  • Do you need to reach a wider audience?
  • Have you written a book that has been published yet no one knows it's on the shelves?
  • Do you have songs that should be placed in film and television?
  • Are you being sent the scripts you should be?
  • Are you an actor that should also have a record deal?
  • Are you a professional athlete without endorsements?
  • Have you played in the big leagues and been cut?
  • Are your teammates receiving more accolades than you are?
  • Are you in the "rooms?" Are you in the right "rooms?"
  • Are you being accounted to properly?
  • Is your record a priority at your label?
  • Are your cast mates getting more "light" and more money than you are?
  • Are people that matter hearing your demo?
  • Are the right people viewing your reel?
  • Are you being called "irrelevant?"
  • Are you being type cast?
  • Are you being called a "has been?" There is no such thing and no career that can't be turned around.
  • Is your record label telling you that your new record is not what they're looking for?
  • Did your film get enough PR at Sundance?
  • Are you too relaxed and content with your current status to plan for the future of your career?


We do what we say we will. Be diligent when hiring a publicist. There is often no way to gauge what your publicist is actually doing for your money. We keep you in the loop and do not accept weak results, nor should you. If we don't believe we can help you, you will not be accepted as a client.

Our goal is to develop your career into one so unique and potent that it attracts potential for branding opportunities. If you're already a brand, we will handle and organize the press opportunities you have available. Not all are necessary. We will help you discern the key press outlets, events and endorsements. You may not need to add everything your told to your schedule.

We promise less and deliver more. Noble Media will create and generate hype and increase your visibility with the public and the industry through print, internet, radio, television, red carpet events charity functions, planned autograph signings, industry functions and guest appearances. We will personally be in touch with key players in your area of the industry and in other industries if that's what you need. We will be your advocates. We actually follow through. Noble Media will develop a strategic marketing plan with your involvement that is designed to coincide with your time frames. We will help you decide what image the public and your industry should view or ignore.

We will organize a campaign. A blurb here and a mention there will not create movement. A cover of Rolling Stone without other media attention that is simultaneous and continuous will only carry you for a minimum of three to six months. Liken your press campaign to a domino sculpture. One domino must touch the other until all move at once. We will set up photo shoots, newspaper, magazine, radio and web interviews. We will develop your name with bloggers and new media accounts. A point person from our firm will accompany you to shoots, interviews and events, and if requested by you, will conference in all phone interviews. Noble Media provides first-rate interview instruction for your press appearances and will never set you up for a surprise or for failure. We create a loose, friendly environment among media friends.

Noble Media has particular expertise in troubleshooting and damage control. We will redirect public opinion and we welcome those clients that feel they have been misunderstood by their public and given an unfair disadvantage with the press and media.

Personal Management (Yes... you need one.)

When other management companies, pr companies, record labels and production studios need support, they contact Noble Media.

The personal manager is indisputably the single most important member of your professional team. You, as the talent, are a corporation and your manager is the CEO of that corporation. Your manager can double as you. Managers help to develop your craft and create opportunity. More importantly, your manager is an advocate in meetings with your employers, agents, lawyers and business managers. They organize your career, developing it as a cohesive whole rather than single aspect of a career split into various parts unrelated to one another. The more organized the aspects, the more efficient and productive your career. Make certain you and the manager you chose are a fit.

Managers engage and disengage and/or consult with agents, accountants and lawyers. Noble Media fosters rapid growth and visible markers for success more quickly than other companies. As your manager, we will represent you and your interests at your Record company, Publishing company, TV Network, PR firm, (if not Noble Media,) Film company, Television company, Production company, (if not Noble Media,) Athletic league, agency and unions. Clients at Noble Media are treated as priorities.

Noble Media has put unknown musicians on the charts and undeveloped talent on top rated television shows. Noble Media has put leading roles in the hands of a supporting actor and has put together A-list teams of agents, producers and lawyers for actors and recording artists at the beginning, middle and height of their careers.

Noble Media, as your manager, will:

  • Sort out your career!
  • Create new sources of income and new streams of revenue
  • Set up introductions with agents, lawyers, business managers, Pr Firms, Record Companies, Production Companies, Publishers, Networks and other celebrities.
  • Copyright material
  • Read scripts
  • View films
  • Register you with and consult with the appropriate unions. (We help you sort through the endless array of paper work.)
  • Establish accounts for websites and social media sites (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc...) and will maintain these sites consistently and with vigor to generate as much visibility (hype/buzz) as is possible for you and your product.
  • Create, facilitate and oversee the negotiation of deals
  • Introduce you to the public in all aspects of media including, print, radio, web and television.
  • Facilitate the booking of public appearances and live shows through our affiliates and oversee the best deals.
  • Provide a stylist and image consulting.
  • Consult with editors, photographers and videographers for your reel and/or demo.
  • Help you to understand contracts and legal releases, and will provide out sourced legal and financial consult when necessary.
  • Find and Collect money owed to you.
  • Work side by side to help you develop material.
  • Get your material to the right people and act as an advocate for you when discussing material or scripts with your agent.
  • Cut out added costs by handling your PR. We generate publicity and implement marketing plans. We just don't say we will.

Artist Strategy Consultation

There is no other company in the industry that can offer a consultation from such wide array of expertise and perspective as Noble Media. We are a true Multi Media Company. Our knowledge reaches out to all mediums of the entertainment industry. Noble Media offers consultations that deconstruct and reconstruct what you have on the table. We will establish a set of goals, institute a strategy and present you with a clear-cut game plan for achieving those goals. We will provide you with an arsenal of information from a "real world" perspective that can be implemented no matter what level you are at in your career. Whether you're an established player in the entertainment industry, an up and coming talent or a professional athlete looking for a Plan B, Noble Media will pull all of our resources to present you with the most efficient approach based upon your specific situation. All consultations are handled with the utmost confidentiality and references are available upon request.

Radio Promo for Musicians

Noble Media will address as many as 500 top-ranked college, public, community, satellite and online radio stations in the United States and Canada. We will also include stations overseas if appropriate and requested by the client. We will work no more than TEN records at one time. Your project is a priority for Noble Media and we are extremely selective about who we chose to represent. If we do not think your record is radio worthy we will not accept you as a client. We want to be able to maintain relationships with radio stations and we pitch only music that we believe our stations will want to play. Noble Media maintains personal relationships with commercial specialty DJs and shows.

Choosing the Right Services for You

Deciding what you want and what services you want to engage Noble Media management for can be confusing but it isn't complicated. You may chose to work with Noble Media management on any variety of the services we provide or simply one. We will help you understand which services is key for you or guide you in discovering which services will work in combination to lend momentum to another. We provide clarity and focus in your initial interview.

Fees vary according to your individualized program.

Price ranges are available upon request.